Visualizing Seattle Pet Names

published2 months ago
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Hey there,

This week we are exploring the most popular pet names based on breeds for cats in Seattle.

Seattle Pet Names

If you happen to run into someone with a pet, long enough to begin talking about their furry friend, you might end up wondering how others name their pet. By pulling data from, this post finds out how residents of Seattle name their pets, and finds relationships between pet names and breeds.

The data for this analysis was imported from this JSON file. We then clean the data, and generate the following visualization to highlight the most popular breeds and plot the popular name relationships.

Popular Cat Names in Seattle by Breed
Popular Cat Names in Seattle by Breed

What did Hal9 do?

This pipeline (which you can open from here) shows how the visualization for the Seattle Pets is created.

First we import the JSON file, which we then ‘Copy’ into Hal9's clipboard (not to be confused with Clippy). We will reuse this copied JSON file later on. We then 'Summarize' to compute the total names per pet and visualize the names over a word cloud.

Popular Cat Names in Seattle
Popular Cat Names in Seattle

After the word cloud, we then retrieve the original JSON file with the 'Paste' block, use the 'Select' block to select the name and breed fields, and 'Slice' the dataset to the top 10 rows to limit the amount of entries shown in the visualization and avoid a visualization that is too complicated.

Bottomline, if you are thinking of naming your pet 'Bella' or 'Luna', think twice! You might find out your neighbor picked the same name already.

What can you do?

Data Visualizations can be run for just essentially anything with a data file through Hal9. Pet names might not be critical to your role or job, but this visualization highlights how simple questions such as “What are the most common pet names in my city” can easily be visualized within this platform.

If you are interested in data visualizations you can build them at and let us know what you think. If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, you can create entirely new data sources, transformations, visualizations or predictive models, and contribute them to our open source GitHub repository.

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