Visualizing Highest Grossing Movies of All Time

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This week we are looking at the top grossing movies of all time. Using Hal9, you won’t even have to worry about grabbing a snack to perform visualizations similar to this. We can walk you through a handful of short steps that create the visualization in minutes. You can read this post and modify the pipeline directly in Hal9 by opening here. Popcorn not required.

Top Grossing Movies of All Time

This post makes use of data imports, transformations and visualizations to compare various movies’ box office sales throughout the years.

Hal9 Visualization for Highest Grossing Movies of All Time

Analyzing Movies with Hal9

To analyze movies we first scrape data from wikipedia’s highest-grossing films page using Hal9’s “Web Table” block. All the block needs is the Wikipedia’s page’s URL and “Year” as the “Table Text” to let Hal9 know that the table we are interested in contains a column named “Year”. Once data is scraped by Hal9, it will look as follows:

Web Table Block From Wikipedia

The Pipeline for Analyzing Movies

Once the “Web Table” block has imported our movies data, we use the “Select” block to select the most important columns (film, gross income and year). We then use a “Map” block to clean the dollar signs from this dataset and convert them to actual numbers we can plot. We complete this analysis by using a “Scatter” plot to visualize all the movies, we set the Y Axis to display the gross income of each movie, and the X axis to display the year in which each movie was published.

About Hal9

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