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Financial Waterfall Charts With Hal9

published7 months ago
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This week, we are covering how to create a Financial Waterfall Chart with Hal9.

Financial waterfall charts are useful for showing the journey from a starting value of a product or asset (such as a stock), to the final value. Creating financial waterfall charts is very useful, but not always simple to do with data. We cover how to do this in Hal9 in the video below.

video preview

With Hal9, you can create waterfall charts with our drag and drop features with ease and customizability. You can easily add data, sort and clean it, and visualize with a waterfall chart in several button clicks.

Watch this video to learn how to build financial waterfall charts for any stock ticker for metrics like revenue, ebitda, gross income, etc.

If you are ready to create your own image mosaic, you can find the original pipeline here.

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