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Creating Image Mosaics in Hal9

published7 months ago
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Hey There,

This week Hal9 wants to teach you how to create your very own image mosaic.

The Image Mosaic Created using Hal9

Being able to visualize a whole series of images can function in multiple ways. Are you a content creator wanting to see all of the videos you've made? This is what our Hal9's founder, Javier did in 2021 with his Youtube Channel. You can find the full video here.

Creating mosaics can help you immediately see the aesthetic and combine hundreds of independent images. And with Hal9, you can create and edit these mosaics with extreme ease.

Ready to build a mosaic yourself?

Image Mosaic of Mr. Beast's YouTube Thumbnails using Hal9

If you are ready to create your own image mosaic, you can find the original pipeline here.

About Hal9

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