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Announcing Hal9's Data Science Academy

published8 months ago
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Hey There,

We are looking forward to a lot of growth in 2022. We want to be able to share our platform and knowledge with you by letting you know about our upcoming Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence online academy.

If you are interested to learn Artificial Intelligence from the creators of Hal9, please register your email in the following image link to reserve a limited spot. Feel free to share with friends and colleages that may be interested, we are excited to meet new community members to learn predictive data nalysis skills starting January 2022!

As you are waiting for Hal9's academy to launch, we have a video on sales forecasting available on our site and Youtube Channel.

video preview

Hal9's ability to work with data doesn't stop at visualization, we enable you to move beyond with data predictions run off of mathematical models. With a few button clicks, you can go from a data set on sales to a prediction for the upcoming quarter, year, or beyond. This feature can project trends for you or your company with extreme ease.

About Hal9

If you are interested in using AI models in your data analysis, please give a try and let us know what you think. If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, you can create entirely new transformations, visualizations or predictive models, and contribute them to our open source GitHub repository.

We also have a Twitter Hal9 account, worth following to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, visualizations, and data analysis.