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Analyzing Game of Thrones

published6 months ago
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Winter Is Coming, or actually, just a Game of Thrones-inspired visualization. In this week's newsletter, we can show you how we analyzed data and created a network visualization with data from GoT!

A Network Visualization

Who is the main character in Game of Thrones? One way to check out this information is to visualize the connections in the dialogue and see who is most frequently referenced in the story. For this pipeline, we are using Book 5 to make an educated guess as to who the main character of Game of Thrones is.

The prep work for this visualization involves uploading a CSV file and using our Summarize block to prep the data for a Network visualization. The Network visualization is where the magic happens and where we are able to see who rules the conversations of Westoros.

Network Visualization of Game of Thrones Book 5

The visualization here is showing Daenerys and Jon-Snow as front runners within Book 5. If you want to see more about this visualization, you can find the full pipeline here.

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